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Friday, May 28, 2010

The Book Project And Me

Ever since I was little I have loved to read. My mother did pass one thing on to me that I will never forget, the importance of books. My most treasured things are almost all books with the exception of a few photos, a pair of earrings, and my violin. Books give me a place to get away from. A place to explore and be some one else in. Every character is a friend that I feel like I've known all my life.

Books have taught me a lot about my self and that's why I'm beginning this project.

The Project: I have compiled a list of 200 books. Yes 200. And I plan on reading every single one.

How long: 2 Years
Well where I would like to say a year, I'm not exactly as fast a reader to read 1 and 1/2 books a day... I mean I can read fast just not that fast.

I will document what books I'm reading at the time and give brief reviews of them as I go. So hopefully other people will get into the project as well and start reading with me. I will not be buying every single book on my list I plan on living at the library for the next 2 years so if you have any suggestions please let me know and I'll see if i can add them on.

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