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Saturday, May 29, 2010

First Impressions: Before I Fall

Pages read so far: 100

First Impressions: So the fist hundred pages are over with. I feel like I should throw a party. But the book I feel is some sort of cross of mean girls and that Chris Rock movie about the comedian that dies and gets a second chance to live his life as a wealthy millionaire. Where the book as witty and well written, I feel the plot is very generic. It's a plot line you see in movie after movie where the main character has to relive the day that so many things go wrong to find the true meaning in life.

Other than that I really like the book, so far. Sam, the main character, is written in such a way that you envy her, hate her, and feel sorry for her all at once, if you can get through the one minor flaw I find in the book that is. Where the characters are all well written, I find they're treatment to the less popular students at their school is unrealistic. When I went to high school I didn't once see a kid arrive at a party and end up leaving drenched in alcohol, let alone any beverage what-so-ever. On top of that there was never a major rager ever Friday, of every week, of every month. It just doesn't happen. I think so of the characteristics are very school orientated, but there are some that leave me shaking my head in disbelief.

For instance one school being named one of "the top ten booziest public schools" and "Suicide High" is very unlikely. I mean really.

So the reading continues. We'll see how the book continues. My opinion is sure to change frequently between now and the end of the book. But until tomorrow, happy reading. :D

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