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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shiver Complete Review

I finished last Wednesday, yeah I suck. Almost a week ago I finished the book. But I've had a lot of time off for once from work and I really wanted to spend some time with Sean, my fiancée, so we went to see Prince of Persia and went out to eat. It was really nice. So enough of that, on to the review and summary.

Summary: Shiver is about two people, Grace a very quiet girl with a fascination with the wolves in her backyard, and Sam a boy with an unfortunate past and a unique secret. Unbeknown to Grace she's known Sam for most of her life, but doesn't find out until one day she goes running through the woods to save her beloved wolves from being harmed by a mob of angry parents and community members after a high school boy has been killed. When she stumbles back on to her porch she finds Sam shot in the neck and naked. From then on Sam fights to stay human and Grace fights to keep Sam from the cold that racks his body and changes him into the being he hates.

Review: I loooooooooved this book. I don't think I can iterate that enough. I now have to wait a month till Linger comes out, but I am counting down the days that is for sure. The book is written in such a manor that the reader uses all of their senses to submerge themselves in the literature. You feel for both Sam and Grace and their struggle with emotions. I can't help my self, but go around of sing my praises of this delightful and refreshing novel. It's a must read for those of you who weren't impressed with the Twilight books or those of you who've finished them and need something good to occupy yourself with (The Twilight movies are much better then the books... It's my own opinion). I think all ages would love this novel and it's an easy read so it wont take you long to read it. Get lost in these pages like I did. :)

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater releases July 20th
Until next time, happy reading.

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