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Friday, July 16, 2010

I have now learned why ebooks are a pain to read.

Where the idea of reading a book for free online was a great idea, the follow through kind of sucked for me. It made it extremely hard to read. Now I don't mean reading the book itself was hard, I mean finding time to read was hard. I could only read when I was with my laptop.... Which is rare these days. Now if this was my freshmen year of college, this would be a different story in general. Now that I work so much and spend so little time at home, it makes this task much more difficult. So, the ebook experience is a little impractical for my needs. Therefore I invested in a hard copy of Jane Eyre. And the little book is darling. It's basically a pocket edition. So I will continue to read and hopefully get my first impressions up tomorrow. I know I can do that since I am at least 100 pages into the book.

Today is my baby's birthday! So Happy Birthday Sean! I love you so much.

We were still kids when this was taken... It feels like yesterday.

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