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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Linger Complete Review

Okay Holidays are really the worst time to read a book in my life. But hey oh well. I finished Linger and let me tell you I'm so pumped for Forever.


Summary: Grace and Sam have finally found their cure and are living semi-normal lives or what they can at least consider normal. With Beck now a wolf for the rest of his life and Olivia a wolf until the summer comes Grace and Sam form a friendship with the only other person that understands the lives of the wolf pack, Isabel. 

Isabel hasn't been the same since her brother Jack died from what they had hoped would cure him of the "wolf" in him. She blames herself and continues to put up a cold front to deter people from getting to close. When she meets Cole, a new wolf that Beck had hoped would continue to take care of the pack, she realizes that some people can be more broken then she is. 

In one night, everything changes. Grace always wondered what it felt like to be part of the pack, but when she begins to feel the wolf inside of her trying to break free what else is there to do, but scream.
With every day Grace becomes more and more ill and no doctor can seem to help her let alone give her any clue into what could be wrong. Just when Sam and Grace seem to have their lives ahead of themselves will everything come tumbling down?

Review: I really love Maggie Stiefvater. She's an amazing writer. She puts so much time and thought and emotion into the story and characters that you feel as if you know them. Linger leaves you in such a HUGE freak out though. It ends in a spot that you want to yell and question why you read the book in the first place. It's not because the book has a bad ending, but because its a massive cliffhanger. 

Cole and Isabel add a whole different dynamic to the books. Where Sam and Grace are the quintessential teenage love, Cole and Isabel are the quintessential teenage hormones. They don't really care for each other in the way that the love or even like each other. They are just attracted to each others looks. Add in how blunt and sarcastic the two of them are and your bound to laugh through out most of their conversations. I like how you see different sides of them though. The two of them remind you that teenagers aren't just a ball of hormones, but people trying to find who they really are. That's exactly what Isabel and Cole are trying to do in their lives. They are trying to figure out who they are and how to live with that or in some cases run from it.

I think that the book is a amazing and I'm counting down till Forever!

I really liked this moment.... Quote:
I bent my head and started to fold.
"You and those cranes!" She laughed as she saw I was folding the tidier of the two sandwich papers into a big floppy bird printed with the Subway logo. "What is it with you and them?"
 "I used to make them for good times. To remember the moment." I waved the subway crane at her; it flapped its loose wrinkled wings. "You know you'll never forget where this crane came from."
Grace studied it. "I think that's a pretty safe assumption."
And this enters into this lovely adorable moment: 
I turned off the light, anyway- in the sudden darkness, Grace made an annoyed noise- and then I leaned down to hit a switch, turning on a string of Christmas lights stapled around the ceiling. They sparkled through the strange shapes made by the slowly spinning birds, and cast moving shadows, like firelight, across Grace's face. Her noise of annoyance changed to one of wonder... I lay down beside her, our hands still in a knot on her stomach, shoulder to shoulder, and together we looked up through the flock of happy memories flying above us, caught in this room. the Christmas lights winked above us; when the swaying wings eclipsed the bulbs, it made me feel like we were moving, rocking on a giant boat, looking up at unfamiliar constellations.
 Forever by Maggie Stiefvater releases July 12th 2011. 

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