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Friday, February 25, 2011

Iron Daughter Complete Review

Okay so I finished this weeks ago and already jumped into another book, hence the delay in the review. On with it!


Summary: The world of fey seen through Meghan's eyes continues. Now back in Tir Na Nog, the ice domain, Meghan finds herself in a never ending winter with her Prince Ash no where to be found. When Meghan is finally taken to see the Queen of the Unseelie Court, Mab, legitimacy of the Iron Court's existence comes into question and a war claim on Summer hangs in the air. Queen Mab also happens to be the enemy of Meghan's father, King Oberon of the Seelie court, and the mother of the one and only Prince Ash.
With a war about to begin and more unneeded deaths sure to ensue, Meghan finds that she must fight to stop it and to help Winter get the Scepter of the Seasons back from the Iron Kingdom. With the help of old friends like Grimalkin and old enemies like Iron Horse, Meghan ventures into the in between and back into the human world to restore peace to Faery. Meghan finds not only a new power within her, but that she's capable of much more then she credits herself or any other fey for that matter.

Review: Like I said about the first book, I LOVE THIS SERIES! It's amaaaazing. Julie Kagawa is truly talented and original. Meghan grows so much in this book in such a short amount of time a really finds what she can do. She doesn't have to rely on Puck or Ash to take care of her by the end of the book. Actually she's the one who comes to their rescue really. Iron Horse is awesome when he's turned into an ally. He's so badass and just amusing. He cracks me up when he's in the human world and has an encounter with a car that nearly hits Meghan.

The only dynamic that drives me up the wall is this love triangle that seems to pop up that I thought was already like kind of dealt with. Now I understand that Ash is supposed to basically desert Meghan, but I mean come on! Be independent for a bit... I guess some people are like that though, I can't say much because on numerous occasions I've tried to convince my friends the same thing, "Be single for a bit. Who needs men!" Yeah it never works. Haha

I couldn't find a quote that particularly stood out, so I will search the book again until I can find some literary candy. :D

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