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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book posters for reading enthusiasts


Purely amazing. If you love to read classics and are as truly obsessed as I am, then you will love these posters. They have poster's for Moby Dick, The Metamorphosis, Jane Eyre, and much more. So why am I talking about poster's and how do they translate into books?
Well Postertext takes your favorite book's text and makes a poster out of it. The pictures they make is just a basic scene that essentially represents the book. It's completely chic and modern. I love this to the point where I want to buy all the posters. I can find room on the walls later. :D Here are some of the posters they have that I thought were pretty terrific:

Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland

The Illiad

And Frankenstien

They even had the Constitution of The United States of America, but the site was having a scheduled update in the middle of my discovery. This is unique and new and I will be purchasing a couple of posters in the near future. Who know's I may even make a contest and give away one of these fantastic posters.
Until next time, happy reading.

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