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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Naked Pictures of Famous People Complete Review


Review: It was funny, but I honestly think that's the only thing I can say about this book. It had no real impact, but then again that wasn't the purpose of this read. The stories were amusing and short, so ideally it's easy for anyone to read. I don't suggest this book for younger audiences particularly for the chapter's that include Martha Stewart's vagina advice (I'm not joking...) and possibly for the completely implied chapter that involves chat rooms.

I wont lie, my two favorite chapters happened to be a cult based on Captain Crunch and one of Da Vinci's lost notebooks. Oh and how could I forget the chapter that was a series of letters from Princess Diana to Mother Teresa. I should warn, this book may be offensive to some people. The first chapter includes a story about a very racist prejudice "side" of the Kennedys. I was somewhat put off when I read that chapter, but hey I pushed through it and laughed in every other chapter after that.

I think that this book was great for lightening the mood and a good laugh, but let's be honest, what can I honestly take from this book other then Hitler remade himself into one of those people who sit on their front porch for the rest of their lives doing nothing. Oh yeah, hard hitting reading here.

Oh so funny quote:
"As my former disciples descend upon me like hungry hyenas, tearing me limb from limb, I think of only two things: I'm going to lose my security deposit and sugared cereals are a death sentence."

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