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Friday, June 4, 2010

We Book

We Book is a way for new writers to get some of their work out in the public without having to worry about publishers or critics. Well I guess I shouldn't say you wont have to worry about critics. We Book is a website where writers uploading a chapter or two of a book/piece of work they've been working on. From there the audience takes over. Everyone gets a chance, depending on their genre preferences, to read these new works, critique it, edit it with the permission of the author, and help inexperienced writers, or experienced writer trying to find a way to break out for that matter, some internet fame.

The website is fantastic for break out writers who need more experience and may even give them a chance to be published by well known publishing companies, but the website isn't just a great tool for writers. We Book is also a guilty pleasure for some of us avid readers. It helps put new works of literature in the hands of the public.

You can rate your favorite pieces of writing and help it be recognized by a literary agent. Many agents now use the site to find fresh material, which means no name writers CAN make their name out there.

Check it out and let me know what you think? Are you a writer? Do you think it's worth a try? Are you a readaholic and need some new material to check out?

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