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Friday, June 4, 2010

Before I fall Complete Review

Rating: 5 out of 10

Summary: The main character Samantha Kingston has just about everything in the world. She is friends with three of the most popular girls in school, she is dating the most sought after guy in school, and everyone wants to be her. Sam finds herself being pressured into many things in her life and does not seem to think much of it until the night her and her friends get into an accident and she dies.

Sam finds herself reliving the day she dies repeatedly until she fixes the things that have gone wrong. Most things include making good with people she has tormented over the years and learning how important her family really is to her.

Review: Within the first fifty pages of reading this book, I knew I did not like it. Not every book is fantastic, and we all know that, but this book could have been fantastic. The idea of it was well thought out, the characters' individual conflicts are very believable and emotional, hell, the best part of the book was the end, it was driven by emotion and the determination to do what was right, but the book as a whole was annoying. Most of the characters with the exception of a misunderstood childhood friend named Kent and an outsider made fun out of fear named Juliet. The main character, Samantha, seems to fluctuate from annoying to even more annoying to finally a determined responsible and admirable person. As I read the book, I wanted to put it down and never come back to it. The repetitiveness of the book makes it hard to read and makes it seem to go on forever and that is definitely not necessary when a book is four hundred and seventy pages long.

However, I really do love the end of the book. I like how she comes to terms with some things and how she finally comes about fixing the entire day and righting some of the wrongs that have happened over the years.

So overall, no I would not suggest this to anyone and I kind of wish the book had been better, but there were good points.

Tomorrow I start the new book. Until then, happy reading.

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