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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Along for the Ride Complete Review

Okay so I actually finished reading this last night, but I was working today, hence why this is up so late. :D

Typos: 5 (Three misspellings and three grammatical errors)


Summary: Auden's never been on a bike, but once. She's never sneaked out of the house, or been to a party. She's never had many friends and because of that, she never went to prom. When Auden goes to Colby for the summer to spend a little time with her father, his wife and new baby sister, she finds herself trying to relive the childhood she never had.

Eli has spent the last year mourning his bestfriend's death. Since Abe's death, Eli has kept to himself, speaking to few people, until the day he bumps into a girl from out of town. Eli and Auden spend the summer helping each other through the pain they both carry and learning that life is still worth living for yourself.

Review: So this book was decent. I found that some of the transitions in the book were very distracting and very frustrating, which is the reason I gave it 3 stars. But the book in all was very good.

Auden was a character that I kept getting annoyed with, and yet I still could relate with her and the ways she goes about living her life. I especially love Auden's relationship with her new born baby stepsister. Eli is a character I loved from the beginning of the book. He's not complicated and does not over share his emotions. or back story. Auden's parent's make me want to freak out though. I know they are like geniuses, but they kind of are the most rude/mean people ever ( I know, I'm very articulate).

The best part of the entire book was the end though. I absolutely loved the end. It's a feel good happy ending that really did make me go to sleep smiling last night.

Quote time:
Also on my table was my THE BEST OF TIMES picture frame Hollis had given me, all those months ago. I'd forgotten about it until the day I was packing to leave for school, when I realized that I finally had something I could actually put in it, but I couldn't decide if I should use a shot from the prom, or one of the several I'd taken with Maggie, Esther, and Leah in our last days in Colby. Maybe, I thought, I should use the one of me with Hollis and Laura, the day they officially announced their engagement. I had so many choices that in the end, I just chose to leave it empty until I was absolutely sure. Because maybe, the best of times were yet to come.

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