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Saturday, October 2, 2010

First Impressions: Iron King

Okay so far I've been slacking on this book, but NOT because it is bad. This book is based for a younger crowd then I would like, so there tends to be some cheesy parts or things that I read and I want to question the validity of the writer, but other then that it's very intriguing.
The book is about a girl named Meghan who's turning 16 years old. Her family seems to be more into their farm then they are in their daughter's birthday. To top all of that off she starts seeing somethings that would even make me question my sanity. Her quirky best friend is the only person who seems to be there for Meghan, even if he loves to play some pretty cruel practical jokes on her.
This book is great for teens. The only thing I found that could be displeasing to parents is some very colorful language that is occasionally used. I will update again once I've gotten farther into the plot, this way you can get a better idea of what I feel.
Until next time, happy reading.

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