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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mid Book Review

Alright I think I'm over 200 pages in and I so meant to do this review like two days ago, buuuut lots has gone on here. My little brother turned 18 on the 8th! So First of all Happy Birthday to him. :)

Okay on to the mid book review.
This book totally threw me through a loop when it started aspects of Midsummer's Night Dream in it. Puck or Robin Goodfellow is a huge part of the book and so is into King Oberon. When I first began to read and they introduced some of the character's from the classical Shakespearean play I was so mad. I thought it was going to ruin the entire book. I mean think about it, taking some of the most well known character's in literature and making them into a book that I had a assumed had no ties what's ever to any other book. I am pleasantly surprised how well these charters have been used in the book. The author didn't adjust them to fit in her book, but seems to have kept them as they were and wrote her book around them.

Meghan's trek across the Nevernever to find her little brother Ethan follows the basic hero's journey plot lines with little twists and turns that make you laugh and restless to continue reading in hopes to find what happens next. Her companions Puck and Grimalkin, a disappearing cat, help Meghan keep out of trouble as best they can, but with hungry fey and seemingly innocent monsters lurking around every corner, it's hard to know what will happen.

I am almost done the book and I am most definitely planning on reading the next book as soon as possible.

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