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Monday, October 18, 2010

Hush Hush Compete Review

This book was very addicting. I hope everyone loved it as much as I did! :D


Summary: Nora feels as if she may be going crazy. She has the feeling that someone is following her and possibly trying to do her harm. Then there's Patch who seems dangerous, but is he dangerous enough to do her harm. When everyone begins to tells Nora to stay away from Patch and there are more threats on her life, she starts to wonder if it really is Patch she should be scared of. Could it really be the charming new senior transfer, Elliot, who could really be the threat? Or could it be Jules, Elliot's disinterested friend who always seems to disappear on her and her friends. For Nora it's a fight to stay alive and to find out why someone would be trying to hurt her.

Review: So like I said before, this book is so well written. The characters are amazing and the plot line is well thought out. I love how Nora's and Patch's personalitys are so conflicting. This book really has become one of my new favorite books. It sucks you right in and makes you feel like your right there with Nora running from gunshots (I'm serious). Patch is seriously one of the most addicting characters I've read in so long. He's feels dangerous and yet he makes you want to find this kid yourself and meet him. Elliot is so smooth and cocky that he's creepy. I can most definitely think of a couple people he reminds me of.
Over all this book is so amazing and the characters are so relate-able. I think the important thing about this book is that, you feel as if you now the characters and your part of the story.

Ps... I found no typos. Haha

Quote time:
"Put the knife down," I instructed quietly.  
Patch looked from me to the knife and back again. After a minute he laid it down in front of him. "I'm not going to hurt you, Nora."
"That's... reassuring," I managed to say, but my throat was tight and dry.
He spun the knife, handle pointing toward me. "Come here. I'll teach you how to make tacos."
I didn't move. There was a glint to his eye that made me think I should be frightened of him...and I was. But that fright was equal part allure. There was something extremely unsettling about being near him, In his presence, I didn't trust myself. 
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